What Options Are There For US High School Dropouts

As the numbers of students who drop out of high school each year continues to rise, many parents look for options for the high school dropout. There are many reasons why a student chooses to drop out of high school and without some kind of direction, this can lead to a very difficult life with few career options. Fortunately, there are some options for high school dropouts that can help them to continue their education and have a hope for a successful future.

Non-traditional and Alternative Education
Many students go on to other types of education in order to complete the number of credits required in order to graduate or to receive their GED. Sometimes high school is just not the right environment for some students and they choose to go to one of these types of programs. These classes are usually held in a different location away from mainstream classes, such as a middle school, a room in the high school, or a different location within the community. This gives students a chance to work on school work in a different type of setting and work to achieve their GED without pressure.

Vocational Schools and Trade Schools
These types of schools provide students with a direct education in a field that the student is interested in. This gives students a chance to learn about a field that interests them by increasing the skills that can make them marketable in the workplace. This is an effective option as most students that drop out struggle with some classes, but excel in a class that they enjoy. At the end of the course the student receives a GED or a certificate of completion enabling them to move on to a job.

National Guard Youth Challenge
This community program is focused on at-risk youths that drop out of high school. It is not available in all states, but is an excellent option for students to not only learn specific educational skills, but also life skills. The focus is on community service while building confidence and self esteem. Many students in this program not only get their GEDs, but also continue their education into college.

The best solution is for students to stay in school, but if a student is going to drop out there are options to help him or her get the education and experiences to help him or her to succeed.

Posted Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 under High School.

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